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Fixed anti-mosquito screen door are a very popular anti-mosquito and anti-insect product today. It is important to find out information about anti-mosquito screen doors before choosing for yourself a quality and effective anti-mosquito door.

You are in need of installing a fixed anti-mosquito screen door for your family but are still worried because you are not sure what the structure of the door is? Is mosquito and insect protection good for my family? To answer the above questions, Viet Thong has shared very useful information about fixed anti-mosquito screen doors with the hope of helping you choose the most suitable anti-mosquito screen door product for yourself and your loved ones. Please consult with us.

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Fixed anti-mosquito screen doors are suitable for many different locations

What is a fixed cua luoi chong muoi?

Cửa lưới chống muỗi are safe and effective anti-mosquito devices that protect the living space inside the family from flies, mosquitoes, and insects to the maximum extent. The door is installed permanently at a certain location, so the door is mainly used in places with little activity such as partitions, ventilation boxes, ventilation slots, etc.

Structure of fixed anti-mosquito door screen

Fixed anti-mosquito screen doors are composed of the following parts:

Screen door frame part

The fixed anti-mosquito screen door frame is made from high-quality aluminum or stainless steel, the outside is covered with a layer of electrostatic paint in many different colors so that customers have more choices for their living space.

Usually with a minimum thickness of 15mm, the product has good durability and does not wear out over time.

Mosquito net part

The door mesh is made from high-quality stainless steel with a small mesh structure and interwoven with each other. The mesh is very effective in preventing mosquitoes and insects. In addition, the fixed anti-mosquito screen door ensures good air circulation, light and wind to keep the family’s living space always fresh and cool.

The net is made from materials that do not contain toxic chemicals, so it is extremely safe to use. The net is highly durable and extremely resistant, so unexpected damage is unlikely during the using process.

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Mosquito net made of high quality stainless steel effectively prevents mosquitoes and insects

The outstanding advantages of fixed anti-mosquito screen door

Fixed anti-mosquito screen door are very popular today because of the following great advantages:

  • Not only does it decorate the house more beautifully, the door also has the ability to prevent mosquitoes and insects very effectively for users
  • Because of the fixed design, it is suitable for installation in many different locations, the product is suitable for special locations such as door slots, windows,…
  • With high quality materials and certainly not oxidized over time, mosquito net doors are able to withstand external influences such as sun, rain and wind.
  • The door structure is quite simple so installation is also extremely easy. The door does not need to be opened or closed during operation, so you only need to install it and use it immediately.
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain the door. People only need to follow basic steps to remove dirt and dead insects without much effort.
  • The product is made from good materials that do not contain toxic chemicals, so it is very safe for consumers’ health as well as friendly to the surrounding environment.
  • The price of the door is quite cheap, suitable for everyone, those who need to prevent mosquitoes for their family.

Viet Thong – A reputable and quality supplier of cua luoi chong muoi

When customers choose Viet Thong Hung Thinh as the unit to buy and use anti-mosquito screen doors, they can rest assured about their choice because we:

  • A reputable brand with more than 10 years in the industry of manufacturing and installing fixed anti-mosquito screen doors with high-quality aluminum material, durable and beautiful anti-mosquito nets help prevent mosquitoes effectively.
  • A team of highly qualified staff with many years of experience performs design, installation and door repair quickly and professionally, committed to always bringing satisfaction to customers when using our products. .
  • We have a good warranty policy for customers when using products from Viet Thong Hung Thinh.
  • Consulting on designing products enthusiastically and suitable to each customer’s needs.
  • The unit provides anti-mosquito screen doors with diverse designs and affordable prices suitable for all types of customers.

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Viet Thong supplies, installs and constructs reputable and quality anti-mosquito screen doors

Through sharing about fixed anti-mosquito screen doors above, Viet Thong Hung Thinh hopes you will find the most effective anti-mosquito and insect repellent product for your family. If you are in need of designing, installing and using anti-mosquito screen doors for your home, please contact us immediately. Cửa lưới chống muỗi Việt thống will support, advise and provide the necessary solutions. The most effective anti-mosquito product for you.


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