Circumcision 101: A Look At The Advantages And Disadvantages

New parents of baby boys often have doubts about circumcision. For the unversed, circumcision is the surgical procedure of removing the foreskin of the penis. The foreskin is the extra tissue that covers the head of the penis. In Jewish and Muslim cultures, circumcision is done for religious reasons and usually within the first week of birth. The procedure becomes more complex and lengthier when the child is older, but for newborns, circumcision takes just about 10 minutes. Adults may also consider the option for cosmetic and other reasons. Before you see a Circumcision Urologist Brooklyn, here are some advantages and disadvantages at a glance.

Benefits/advantages at a glance

One of the biggest reasons why circumcision is recommended is hygiene. Because the head of the penis is not covered anymore, cleaning is easy. Washing the foreskin is extremely important otherwise to avoid infections. There is also evidence that suggests that circumcision can reduce the risk of urinary tract infections and some sexually transmitted diseases. It also offers protection against penile cancer and some of the common infections, such as balanoposthitis. Conditions related to the foreskin, including paraphimosis, can be avoided with circumcision.  

On the flip side

It is important to discuss all relevant aspects with your urologist before considering circumcision for yourself or your male baby. It is a surgical procedure, which means there are a few inherent risks, including pain, bleeding, infection, and inflammation. Excess removal of the foreskin may also cause penile damage. Also, not every patient seeking circumcision for cosmetic reasons is happy with the outcome.

The procedure

Your urologist will explain circumcision in detail, although it is a fairly simple procedure. The foreskin is moved behind the penis head using surgical scissors, and the surgeon will remove it with a scalpel. The entire procedure takes about 15 minutes, while adult circumcision can take up to an hour. The edges of the skin would be stitched together using dissolvable stitches. Recovery takes about 8 to 10 days, and during this time, the penis may look red and inflamed, which is common. Parents should use Vaseline after each diaper change in newborns.

When to call your urologist?

If there is bleeding from the penis that doesn’t stop, check with the doctor immediately. You should also seek immediate attention when there is four odor, or the child has not urinated in more than 12 hours.

Circumcision benefits usually outweigh the concerns, but always make an informed decision after talking to your urologist.