What Can I Study with an Aps Score of 18

An APS score of 18 is an indicator of academic potential and is used by South African universities to determine admissions. To ensure the best possible chance of being accepted, it is important to understand what an APS score of 18 means and to explore what study options are available for this score.

Understanding an APS Score of 18

The South African university admission system is based on the Average Performance Score (APS). This score is calculated by combining the results of seven matric subjects, including English, a language of choice and five academic subjects. The APS score is then used to determine the likelihood of a student being accepted into a university.

An APS score of 18 is considered above average and indicates that the student has the potential to succeed in the academic environment. This score is usually enough to gain entry into most universities, but the exact requirements will depend on the individual university.

Exploring Study Options with an APS Score of 18

With an APS score of 18, students have a wide range of study options available to them. Depending on the student’s academic interests, they could consider studying a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Accounting or any other field of study offered by a South African university.

In addition to traditional university study, students with an APS score of 18 may also be eligible for a range of professional qualifications such as accounting, finance, business management and marketing. These qualifications can be studied at a variety of institutions, including universities, colleges and private institutions.

Finally, an APS score of 18 also provides students with the opportunity to pursue a career in the skilled trades. This could include becoming a plumber, electrician, carpenter or any other trade that requires a specific set of skills.

In conclusion, an APS score of 18 is a strong indicator of academic potential and provides students with a wide range of study options. Whether a student is looking to pursue a traditional university degree, a professional qualification or a career in the skilled trades, an APS score of 18 is a great starting point.