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Top 8 Rules to Help Choose the Perfect Floor Plan

There are thousands of apartments on the market, hundreds of layouts. With such a variety of options, how can you choose an apartment that is comfortable for all family members and understand what everyone needs? Follow these rules, and you won’t regret buying it.

Consider Life Scenarios

Do you want to choose the perfect layout that works for you? The first step is to think about what major life scenarios you will have in your home.

Answer the following questions to help you compartmentalize:

  • How many people will live in the apartment? How will they spend their time there? For example, if you are going to work remotely all the time, you will need a comfortable and functional home office or workspace. What should it be like?
  • Where should the windows be located and what kind of view should they have?
  • Imagine that your family is going to work in the morning, to school, to kindergarten. How many sinks and showers do you need?
  • How often do you have guests over for friendly gatherings? Do you like to get together as a family in the evening for dinner or prefer to spend in the evening alone having only your bookie with you? What size table will you need and how many full seats will you need?
  • What are your family’s hobbies, what sports do you play? Where will you store your equipment and supplies?

Expand Your Family Space

How big should the living room and bedroom be? Obviously, people spend a minimum amount of time in the bedroom. Trends in recent decades clearly show that the meters are gradually “migrating” from private areas into the communal space of the apartment, which combines a maximum of functions.

For example, the kitchen isn’t necessarily separated from the living room: if you install a modern cooker hood, kitchen smells in the room won’t stay. But you’ll be hosting guests in a maximally spacious room, and no one will be hurt: neither the one who cooks, nor the one who relaxes because everyone will be together.

Choose an Apartment With a Balcony

A balcony in an apartment should be. It isn’t just a facade decoration, but an additional space for the modern man, where you can relax and enjoy the views of the city, spend family evenings, read a book in solitude or work.

Thanks to remoteness, the trend to buy apartments with balconies is only increasing. And in general, the desire to have a summer room in the apartment with the ability to get outdoors is associated with a shift in consumer preferences towards greater comfort, functionality and prestige of apartments.

Get a Keller

Even if your chosen layout doesn’t have a separate storage room, see if the developer is offering to purchase kellers – individual storage rooms that are usually located on underground levels.

The idea of moving storage space outside the apartment is especially relevant for owners of small apartments. Storing things that are used on an irregular basis in a remote warehouse is not always suitable for the owner, so a keller in an underground parking lot can be an optimal solution.

Play Around With the Advantages of a Two-story Apartment

If you choose a two-story apartment, look at how it’s implemented on the second floor or the second light, assess what you can do exactly there. In the space of the second light its better to organize the living room, but too high ceilings will make bedrooms uncomfortable.

If the apartment has a second floor, there should be a staircase that leads there. Pay attention to how it’s designed: is it not too steep, will it be possible to provide a place to store things under it, it doesn’t take up much space in the apartment and in general will look harmonious in the interior.

Prefer a Comfortable Entrance to the Apartment

When they talk about the layout, they mean realestatespro the inside of the apartment, forgetting about an equally important component – the space in front of the entrance door.

Pay attention to the width of the corridor and how conveniently the door opens: inward or outward. If the inside, it eats into the hallway space, so it’s preferable if the door opens outward. This will increase the number of functional meters.

It’s smarter to choose a lot with a functional hallway and add inside the housing closet and pantry. This way you won’t have to puzzle over where to fit everything in.

The hallway is a dirty area, and it nupedia must be isolated. It’s better if the occupants don’t have to cross it, moving from room to room.

Check the Dimensions

Often developers deceive and show layouts that have nothing to do with reality. Sometimes they play with the scale of the furniture. For example, the bedroom has a double bed. By double-checking its size, you realize that it can accommodate only children. Or, for example, the bathroom shows two sinks. Paying attention to the size, you come to the conclusion that in fact you have to wash standing sideways, or install one honest sink.

Check everything thoroughly! Even before the deal, give the layout to a designer or architect to evaluate what’s on offer. Make blognez sure you are given the dimensions of the rooms mapped out on the layout, measure the dimensions of the furniture on it.

“Live” the Layout

How do you know that the layout is truly comfortable, that it’s right for you? You have to live it. Treat the proposed layout not as a pretty picture, but as a visualization of the space in which you will be daily.

Imagine walking into your apartment. Where do you take your shoes off and leave them, where do you dietxnutrition hang your stuff, where do you wash your hands, where do you put your bags? How comfortable will you be cooking dinner, etc.?

Try going from one room to another, walk mentally to the kitchen and the bathroom. How comfortable are you in that space? Is the view from the window satisfactory?

If you like everything and are comfortable everywhere, then it’s the right choice.


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