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Tips and Tricks for Creating Custom Invitations on Your Mobile

Hosting an event is not an easy task. You have to take care of various things. The process starts with preparing a list of people attending the event. The second task is to decide the location; you need to consider whether you can hold the event in your house or another location would be more suitable. 

Once you have made the decision mentioned above, it is time to think about decorations, lighting, music, and above all, the menu and refreshments served to guests who will be attending the event.

You can’t think of discussing the type of invitation you want for the event with the designer. Think of an easy way. Smartphones have made a lot of things possible for us, and designing a beautiful invitation is also one of them. Gone are the days when you had to rely on designers to design event invitations. 

Creating a custom invitation for any event like a birthday, wedding, bridal shower, or baby shower is easy. You can easily create your custom invitation cards as a DIY task and send them to your loved ones, friends, and colleagues.

This article discusses tips and tricks to help you create amazing custom invitations on your mobile. If you are planning to host an event and design a custom invitation through the easiest of ways, this article is for you. 

Read on to learn more.  

Some Tips and Tricks for Custom Invitation Designs

Designing a great custom invitation requires you to keep a few things in mind. Therefore, working on these tips and tricks is necessary if your goal is to create an invitation that impresses everyone. 

We have discussed these tips and tricks to help you create custom invitations on your mobile. 

Further details are given below.

Choose the Right Invitation Maker App

The first thing you need to do to create a custom invitation on mobile is to install a reliable app for this purpose. Multiple apps on the app store may claim to be the right option for custom invitation designs. However, not every app is fit for this purpose. Whether you want to send an invitation digitally or print it on paper and send it conventionally, the app should cater to all your requirements. 

The great news is you can easily install an invitation card maker free of cost from the Play Store. The app will provide multiple invitation formats according to the nature of the event you are hosting. 

In addition, you can make necessary modifications to your desired format to create a custom invitation. For instance, you can change colours, add graphics, select font style, and set base colours according to your choice.

Add a Catchy Header

The first thing noticed by the recipients will be the header of invitations. Hence, ensuring that the header you add to your invitation sounds catchy to everyone is necessary. It should grab the attention of people at once. For example, a birthday invitation should say, “George Steps into the 60th year of life on April 23rd”. 

Similarly, a wedding invitation would be great with a header like, “Tim & Steph, making their way to a new phase of their love life on December 16th and await your participation at the event”. 

Making such catchy headers will help you grab recipients’ attention and make them respond at the earliest. So use your creativity to come up with exciting header lines on invitations.

Bonus Tip: Use ‘&’ instead of ‘and’ in the header. It will help you save space and showcase the fancy face type you are using.

Go with Minimal Designs

Minimalism is the new trend, and it should also be reflected in your invitations. Choose a classic and functional layout to create invitations for whatever event you are hosting. Let the graphics, fonts, and colour transformations define the card’s personality. If you go with a design format that is too fancy, you may compromise the rest of the content. 

People will only pay attention to the design and layout of the card. The trick is to ensure a surprising colour transformation. This is only possible when you choose a perfect base colour and add touch-ups that reflect the colour transformation to create a great custom invitation.

Add Graphical Focal Point

Since you are creating invitations yourself, you can add your desired content. However, you will need a focal point to create a custom invitation. The presence of an image in the layout of your invitation allows you to create a perfect focal point for this purpose. 

All you have to do is place an image representing the individual or couple in a great mood. Once you add the image, it will become easier for you to add fonts, border lines, and base colour that will make the image and the header of your invitation pop out from the rest of the design, and your invitation will look great.  


Designing a custom invitation is easy these days. You can easily do it using your smartphone. All you have to do is keep a few tips and tricks in mind while creating an invitation. 

We have discussed these tips and tricks to help you design a perfect invitation. Hopefully, you will like the discussion and use discussed tips and tricks while designing custom invitations. We wish you luck with the process!


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