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The List of The Best Texas Animation Studios

The animation industry is an economy of its own. It boasts a whopping 372 billion dollars in value. The market is expected to grow by at least five percent in the coming years.

Meanwhile, there is a large audience for animated movies and content. Brands are making astounding money with animated presentations. Plus, telling brand stories with animation is another trend going nowhere.

Speaking of the value of animation to branding, it will only be fair if we explore the best in business.

This list explores the best Texas animation studios. We’ll name-check a few that are rocking the animation industry.  


If there’s one animation studio that has been on the buzz round the year is BuzzFlick. From buzzing up art concepts through innovative artistry and extraordinary animation to curating exciting whiteboard animations,

BuzzFlick stands out as a well-rounded animation studio.

It is one of the best Texas animation studios, specializing in 2D, and 3D animation, 3D modeling, and corporate training presentations.

With creatives ideating out of the box to transform the abstract into art, BuzzFlick manages to stay one step ahead of the competition. For them, it’s just the beginning.

BuzzFlick has bagged a good number of clients in recent years. With a diverse and flexible team, they’re laser-focused on small and large projects.

They also have the most reasonable 60 seconds of animated video cost.

They’re eyeing massive growth in the animation niche. Based in Texas, they’ve already increased their footsteps in the US market and are bagging some of the best brands in disruptive tech.

Powerhouse Animation Studios

One of the finest names in the business is Powerhouse Animation Studios.

They have thrived on the back of impeccable character designs and fascinating works in Marvel and DC Comics.

Yes, they’re a mega brand and perhaps one of the best Texas animation studios.

From pre-production that includes character design, storyboards, animatics, and concept art to turn-key production tasks, you can expect to have it all done.

The anime loved by millions of people across the globe have artwork done by Powerhouse Animation Studios.

Castlevania, by Netflix, is a notable mention. On top of that, they have a stronghold in advertising and campaign execution.

Big-shot brands include Activision, Coca-Cola, New Balance, and Old Spice.

Infinite Fiction

Infinite Fiction is another top animation agency in Texas. Along with being a brand lab, they are an advisory firm.

Whether it’s about introducing new products or gaining an edge in the marketplace, they’ve been able to deliver beyond expectations with their unique visual effects, animation, and design experience.

They have a knack for developing strong brand identities through eye-catching animations. Perhaps, that’s what makes them the best in business.

Motion Giraffix

If there’s one company that can grab your prospects’ attention with stunning visuals and do magic for your sales cycle, it’s Motion Giraffix. As maestro animators, they know they only have seconds to evoke curiosity and delight the viewer.

Creatives at Motion Giraffix have a solid understanding of marketing outreach. They know what can actually do wonders for your campaign.

By curating heartwarming visuals, they not only leave your audience stunned but also compel them to engage more with your brand. You end up enjoying a long-term business relationship with the audience.

To them, every brand has a unique personality and must find a creative approach to tap its audience. As a result, your product becomes easily recognizable and stands a class apart from your competitors.

There’s a wide array of services on offer. You can expect to get anything from motion graphics to product demos, explainer videos, brand launch content, and much more.

IMMIX Productions

Located in Houston, Texas, IMMIX Productions are one of the top animation studios.  They’ve been in business for over two decades now. Professional services include 2D and 3D animation, AR/VR, design, and development.

With the help of graphics and ecstatic animations, they have revolutionized corporate training experiences. They claim themselves as a full-service branding firm.

With four regional offices, each has a team of incredible creatives who are not looking to slow down any sooner. They’re also one of the few agencies working relentlessly in the AR/VR space.

Mighty Coconuts

Mighty Coconuts is another top animation studio operating from Texas. The team has a lot to offer with its top-notch artistry. They can turn abstract concepts into life-breathing projects in a seamless fashion.

They cover an extensive range of areas with their service, including art, storyboards, and even complete production art in 2D and 3D animation. If you ever need a project in the hybrid space,

tap them.

Custom visuals are where they are more than anyone. Working with green screens and transforming art into CG creatures, they can blur the lines of reality. Besides, you can also get assistance with life-stage performances.

Their animators are ready to take your work to the next level. Creatives at Mighty Coconuts are desperate to exercise their creative muscle and deliver something outstanding for your visual needs.

Cloud 10 Studios

Cloud 10 Studios has the best creative storytellers, innovators, and artists. They are a full-service animation studio specializing in crafting original stories and real-to-life characters.

They specialize across various domains, including long-form commercials, episodic shows, and corporation animation projects dedicated to fostering learning.

You, as a prospect, can expect the delivery of quality animations powered by cutting-edge tech solutions. They’ve advanced their skills and project efficiency with Unreal Engine.

They’ve collated real-time AI tools to power animations under tight deadlines. With optimized and premium AI solutions doing the work, all that’s left to nail the project is a final touch or a few tweaks.

The result – is a masterpiece!

Cloud 10 Studios is also based in Texas. They also work across the ever-demanding niche of live-stage productions.

From eliciting emotions from a grand audience in just seconds to lighting up the stage atmosphere with breathtaking animations, Cloud 10 Studios continues to dominate the list.

Bottom Line

To wrap up, the animation industry is booming. There is a massive market for anime production and consumption of 2D and 3D presentations.

Plus, what allows brands to diversify is the demand for custom visuals that keep the crowd buzzing at live concerts and stage performances.

The studios we name-check above are the best in business. It would be interesting to see how these will expand and collab with top animation projects.


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