The Best Games To Play With A Group

Gambling is universal entertainment, with just about everyone able to jump in and start having fun immediately. Hence, you might have thought about having an evening of gambling entertainment for yourself and a few friends. The question is; which casino games are best as a group activity? The short answer is that most of them are, really, but some are better than others.

Let’s take a look at casino games that are perfect for group entertainment. Keep in mind that all of the games we’ll mention work as a group online activity, or can also be found at a local casino. You can even organise a session at home, assuming that you have the necessary items to play. In the case of Baccarat, all you really need is a deck of cards, gambling chips and the rules.


The first thing to think about when organising group gambling sessions is whether you want to go competitive or not. There are some gambling games that are perfect for a group, but also involve going head-to-head. You might want to avoid competitive games, just for the sake of keeping your friends at ease. If this is the case you’ll want to check out a true classic; Roulette.

Roulette is a gem of a game, often thought of as the life of social gatherings. The magic is that Roulette lets everyone bet at the same time, meaning that excitement levels can go through the roof. Everyone is free to discuss strategies, give advice, and celebrate as a group when someone wins. It’s a wonderful experience, especially if you play at an online casino that supports voice chat. Though, even if a casino doesn’t you can still organise your own group chat. Virtually all online casinos offer some form of Roulette, such as at sites like Jumba Bet.


If you’re okay with adding a competitive layer to the evening, look no further than Poker. Poker is universally amongst the most understood group card games in the world, featuring a variety of forms depending on your preference. 5 card stud is slower and more methodical, while Texas Hold’Em is quicker and more to the point. Choose your flavour, depending on what the group is into. Either way, whatever version you choose, entertainment is basically guaranteed.

If you decide to play at home remember to have a list of rules close at hand. It’s also a good idea to assign someone as the rule keeper. Nothing will make fun entertainment go south like arguing about the rules. In fact, it’s probably best to let software handle the rules while you just enjoy the game. Many online casinos support group Poker play. The house will take a few cents off every pot, which is a small price to pay for infallible rule-tracking software.


Baccarat is often thought of as a less popular game, and it is to some extent. It’s similar to Blackjack, though with a few tweaks. The main benefit of the game is that Baccarat allows everyone to bet at once. If you aren’t familiar with the rules, unlimited players are able to bet on the outcome of a hand. So if even one person plays against the house, a group can bet on each outcome. The trick is that, unlike Blackjack, Baccarat plays itself. Hands are dealt for the house and a player, but the dealer handles how the rounds play out. All you and your friends have to do is bet House, Banker or Tie.

It’s an unconventional game in many regards, but enormous fun with friends. In the case of Baccarat, you might want to play at a casino. Baccarat requires understanding on the part of the dealer, meaning that you’ll have to learn the rules if you want to play at home. It isn’t difficult to learn by any means, but that might be more effort than you’re willing to extend.


Contrary to popular belief, slots can be great with a group. You might think of the games as something you play alone, simply spinning the reels and celebrating when you win. But slots can also be a group activity. Simply load up some games, start spinning with friends, and enjoy the experience. To put it another way, you’ll probably just land up chatting, talking nonsense, and occasionally mentioning if you’re winning or losing. The slots are just an activity to enjoy while you’re being social.

You can also check out slot’s tournament play, which will put you against one another to get the highest score. But we recommend simply playing and enjoying the ambience of entertainment.


Saving the best for last, there is no better social casino game than Bingo. Bingo has been in gambling halls for years, with many groups committing to weekly sessions. Yes, you might be thinking that Bingo is just what old people do, but that is a very cynical way to look at a fantastically social game.

Like group slots, group Bingo is more about simply being with friends and playing a game. The rules are dead simple and literally anyone can play. The idea is, again, to simply be with friends and enjoy an activity. Plus, depending on where you play, one of you could walk away with a fat jackpot. In case you didn’t know; many online casinos offer huge Bingo jackpots. It’s all starting to sound like a lot more fun now, right?

Just Have Fun

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or just throwing a party for a little bit of fun, remember to tell your friends that your gambling evening is about entertainment above all else. Casino games are great entertainment, and you and your friends will surely have a blast.

As a side note, be sure to also tell everyone how much cash to bring to the occasion. Making this clear in advance is the best approach where real money is involved. This advice is especially important if you intend on playing Poker. Poker is, after all, a game that revolves around everyone having the same amount of starting money.


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