Storage Management by Dexion Pallet Racking

Construction is a field that is a full-fledge occupation with the employment of numerous laborers and utilization of heavy duty machineries and excessive amount of building materials. This construction business is not only limited to development but their associated places like warehouses, storage places, transportation facilities, etc.

Dexion is a construction-based company which is involved in designing and preparing steel and wooden-based storage structures like pallets and racks. Thus, these are dedicating their services in creating entities for temporary or permanent shelving system. Dexion pallet racking is the preparation of strong, water-resistant, fire-resistant, and long-term working pallet structures which are involved for indoor and outdoor shelving purposes. As the name of the company indicates “Dexion” refers to right which means that the industry has provided means of adjustable storage material for domestic and commercial workloads.

Dexion pallet racking

Optimum storage management is a hard task to crack when commercial materialistic organization is causing a headache. Here, Dexion pallet racking appears as a saving grace under circumstances where load becomes unmanageable and the place of storage becomes limited to store the mess. Depending upon the scale of industry, the storage issues are resolved on the similar platform. The pallets designed and introduced by Dexion are well-customized according to the client and industry requirements.

There are bulk of goods that are produced and need transported are handled by the use of variety of differently styled pallets. Warehousing problems are quite easily and technically managed by the intervention of the pallets.

  • Variety of pallet racking systems in the commercial world

In order to maintain practicality, transportation and storage logistics are managed using different variants of Dexion pallet racking, outlined as follows:

  • Standard wide aisle pallet racking
  • Narrow aisle racking
  • Mobile pallet racking
  • Pallet shuttle systems
  • Drive-in pallet system
  • Pallet flow racking system
  • Multi-tier pallet system
  • Push back trolley-based pallet racking
  • Crane racking

All the industrial storage problems are effectively solved by the employment of variety of designs of pallets. This will be a greater degree of mechanical assistance to the labor work mediating over the years carrying and storing industrial goods. Offices and other corporate locations are the secondary sites where Dexion pallet racking is quite commonly observed to be in function.

Dexion shelving platforms

This company was founded by an Australian and has been in business by serving since 1950s. The brand itself is famous for manufacturing reliable angular shaped pallets and racks which have improved the problems of industrial shelving. Dexion pallet racking when aligned with help of number of similar pallets and racks for the ideal shelving which are called Dexion shelving. The racking space is quite heavier and intact, however, to maintain the correct posture of the shelved the angular beams are installed in the shelves.

  • Dexion pallet and racking system: A solution to quality storage

Dexion has excelled as a team in producing a reliable shelving equipment that when arranged together has helped in organizing inventory and misplaced goods. Dexion pallet racking is a robust mechanical help which has eventually aided to increases the productivity level of different commercial fields. From the transportation industries operating in export and import to the construction sites with heavy duty machinery goods, the Dexion-mediated pallets and racks have adjusted well with varied sizes, formats, and configurations.

Dexion pallet racking is an initiative of constructing reliable and incredibly strong pallets and rack materials that in coordination form the best Dexion shelving system. This type of organization logistics is seen in warehouses, corporate offices, industries, etc.