Are you bored with your life? Do you seek a new change? We can give you a great new phenomenon that’s taking over the world. It is called indoor running and it is made possible with the app called Vingo. Using the app you can practise running with your treadmill while you explore and immerse into the virtual world. Here’s how you can use the app to have a grand time at home.

Get the Latest Treadmill for Your Exercises

First, you will need a good quality treadmill. Any model will do and the treadmill needs to have a Bluetooth connectivity option. If you have an old model treadmill, you need not worry. You can still use it in tandem with the Vingo app. The Bluetooth connectivity is needed because the app has to be connected with the treadmill for precise virtual reality controls. This will give you a very realistic experience while you go for online running.

Get the Vingo App for Better Running Experience

The next step is to get the Vingo app on your smart device. You can find the app on Apple’s App Store or Microsoft Store. Install it on your iPhone/ iPad or even your windows powered devices such as desktops and tablets. The larger the screen the better your experience. Once you install the app, you can proceed to connect it with your treadmill. You can create your own account in the Vingo app and add up to 8 different profiles to it too. You can customise your profile by adding your avatar to it. An avatar is your digital image inside the Vingo world. Create your own avatar by uploading your selfie inside the app.

Workout in Virtual World of Vingo

Now, you are all set to get into the virtual world. Inside the app, you will find a lot of virtual locations and maps. These virtual maps are designed using real famous spots around the world. You will find the volcanic mountains of Iceland, sandy beaches of the Hawaiian islands, and even the icy peaks of the Himalayas. You can select your favourite locations and start running on your treadmill. The online running app will monitor your speed on the treadmill and adjust the scenery depending on your movements.

Meet New People Around the World Inside Vingo

An interesting feature in Vingo is the Voice chat function. Using this, you can chat with people inside the app in real-time. You will notice a lot of people sharing your virtual location. They can be coming from anywhere in the world and the app will connect you with them. You can interact with them, team up with them, and even encourage each other to get fit. There are also communities within the app that bring together people sharing similar fitness interests. You can join those communities and take part in their events. Some of the users go cycling in the app using their indoor bikes. You can spice up your workouts this way too.

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