Organise It: 3 Signs You Need a Jewellery Organiser

The legendary jewellery box is an essential for people who struggle to keep their best pieces organised. Whether they get damaged, lost, tangled or twisted, we’ve all experienced the frustrations of unorganised bracelets, earrings, rings and more. As such, you might have noticed a few signs that say, yep, it’s time – I simply need a proper jewellery box!

So, if you’ve noticed any of these signals, then it’s definitely time to invest in a high quality box for storing all your best gold, silver, platinum and pearl:

1. You’re always losing your pieces

The best jewellery organiser will put an end to this tedious experience. And, sure, we’ve all got home after a night out and misplaced our finest earrings in a mad rush to get straight to bed, but it simply doesn’t have to be this way! You don’t have to pop them in that drawer or that miscellaneous box in the hope that you’ll remember where you put them the next time you have a big event – you can have the perfect place to put them after every big occasion!

The classic organising box is the perfect way to ensure your pieces don’t go missing. You have separate, specialised compartments for each of your most important pieces, and after a few uses you will know exactly where to put what, what goes where and where, exactly, you can grab it with ease the next time you have a big night on the cards.

2. Your pieces often get tangled

There is nothing more annoying than your pieces becoming tangled. Bracelets in necklaces, earrings in other earrings – the nuisance goes on – but the nuisance is also easily avoidable. The classic box is the perfect way to keep this issue from bothering you. As each box has its own separate compartment, you can trust that all you have to do is pop the pieces in each compartment to keep them safe from becoming entwined with other pieces in the worst possible ways!

Because the last thing you want to be doing – and we’ve all been there – is trying to untwine two fine necklaces from one another when we only want to use one for this particular occasion. It’s a real nuisance and takes time away from getting ready for the event.

3. Your pieces get damaged

All jewellery is susceptible to damage after time, but this doesn’t mean we should hasten this process. If your storage space is one that is quickening their damage, or is allowing them to sit in a spot that could tarnish or age them prematurely, then perhaps you need the dry, safe storage provided by a proper box.

This way, you can trust that they will stay in better condition and for longer, keeping them from tarnishing and maintaining their stunning, high quality shine. Jewellery is something we should work to keep from depreciating, especially if they are gorgeous, cherished pieces that we want to keep for as long as possible. As such, a storage box will keep them from tarnishing for much longer than possible if kept in simple storage.

So, if you’ve been worried that your best pieces are going to go missing for good, or that they seem to be depreciating faster than expected, then proper storage is something you’ve subconsciously been seeking all along. They can ensure your best pieces are kept in proper condition for many years to come, not to mention keep them neat, safe and organised – wins all round, really.