New Year, Fresh Lawn: Why Start The Year With Artificial Grass

The synthetic lawn is a simple joy to behold. Lush and vibrant, it provides Queensland gardens with a contemporary aesthetic that is a breeze to maintain. One of the best times of year to install a synthetic lawn is in January, as it saves you having to think about it later in the year. If this luxurious addition is something you have been considering then it is best not to put it off for too long.

After all, things only get busier as the year goes on, and if a lush synthetic lawn is something you want to install now then we say don’t hesitate! Your home will experience all these benefits and more if you install it ASAP:

  • A beautiful aesthetic

One of the most obvious reasons homeowners install the most gorgeous artificial grass Gold Coast homes can buy is for its undeniable aesthetic appeal. The fresh and vibrant appeal that a brand new synthetic lawn provides Queensland homeowners is something to truly be proud about. You will love starting the next with this fresh new look being part of your home, as it’s great to look out from the home and see a bright, colourful lawn that you can happily call your own!

  • Low-maintenance

We all know just how high maintenance natural lawns can be. All that mowing, weeding and watering can be a real nuisance, especially on a hot Queensland day. Thankfully, synthetic lawns aren’t just low-maintenance – they’re essentially no-maintenance. You obviously don’t have to worry about mowing, weeding and watering, and the lawn will get by just fine with the occasional run of a rake to rid it of its leaves. This is simply perfect if you’re looking for a garden solution that won’t take up your Saturday arvo to maintain!

  • Reduces water bills

Carrying on from that last point, and anyone with a natural lawn will know just how much they can increase water bills. This is especially if you regularly water it or have an irrigation system running underneath. Well, once again, you simply don’t have to worry about this with a stunning synthetic lawn. They are made from materials that obviously don’t require any watering. Instead, they will remain clean, fresh and vibrant without the need for water and, consequently, the massive bill.

  • Avoid harmful pesticides

Many homeowners use harmful pesticides to keep away nasty creatures and help their lawns thrive. Unfortunately, these pesticides can be harmful to family members and furry friends. There has been a lot of pushback on the use of pesticides in recent years due to the adverse health effects they have had on Australians. As such, many people are turning away from using them in search for cleaner solutions.

One of such solutions is to enlist the synthetic lawn! After all, you literally don’t have to use any chemicals to keep it clean and vibrant, as it is already highly durable and will stand the test of time.

  • Entertainment area

We Queenslanders love a celebration, and why not? With some of the world’’s most gorgeous year-round weather there isn’t any reason why we should enjoy the best the outdoors provides. Thankfully, installing artificial grass is one of the best ways to create a low-maintenance, highly-durable entertainment area that you can enjoy for many years to come.

So, are you ready to call in the synthetic lawn legends to ensure your solution is laid in time for the year to come?