IoT Tech with 5G Tester Equipment & RF Drive Test Tools

Transformations even happen in the telecom industry like other industries – inventions come and go as anything new that was developed yesterday will get outdated today because of new inventions or changes. The world in the telecom sector has grown from 2G to 3G to 4G at an unmatched speed, now it’s giving way to 5G. The fifth-generation wireless network technology (5G) has the potential to get involved in data analytics and IoT technology. So, now let us see how will 5G along with Accurate 5g tester, 5G test equipment, 5g network tester tools and Accurate 4G Testing RF drive test software, Cellular LTE RF drive test tools & equipment affect data analytics and IoT technology in detail.

Impact of 5G on data analytics –

Data analytics is one of the sectors where 5G can create the most impact. When it comes to smarter AI, self-driving cars, and smart factories, all these will function with data analytics and 5G. 5G’s low latency and high speed will enormously benefit data analytics and enable analysts to collect, clean, and analyze large volumes of data quickly. If someone asks, what is the impact of 5G on data analytics, the answer is as mentioned below.

In data analytics, a massive amount of data get generated, and with 5G that data needs to be processed at low latency. For instance, imagine two cars on a highway with 5G technology and its low latency that can communicate with each other (communicating their location or speed and get a response quickly) to avoid any accident on the road.

Impact of 5G on IoT –

Similarly, IoT is another sector that 5G will affect, and 5G will provide a foundation for the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT). Some of the features of 5G which will significantly improve the performance and reliability of IoT devices are faster data transfer, improved network reliability, lower latency, and stronger security, etc.

5G has a significant impact on the operation of IoT devices, whether for industrial, healthcare, or home applications, because 5G provides a faster communication medium which will enable your devices to coordinate and accomplish tasks faster; 5G provides an ultra-low latency network which will help use IoT devices to do delicate tasks such as surgery; 5G has a high bandwidth which will help connect more devices to it without experiencing quality loss. For example, a light bulb in your house connected to 5G technology (process and exchange data over IoT) that you can control using your smartphone.

Advantages of 5G in the telecom industry

  • As compared to previous generations of wireless technologies, 5G offers increased speeds and capacity, which will allow telecom providers to offer their users more reliable service and support.
  • 5G has the potential to drastically reduce latency, which will make real-time applications like gaming and virtual reality possible.
  • 5G can make more use of spectrum resources, which will allow several users to get supported on the same network.
  • 5G is a new approach to infrastructure that introduces modularity and flexibility to the industry than an upgraded replacement for 4G LTE.


Whether it’s data analytics or the internet of things (IoT), they will transform our lives. As 5G is rolling out, it will enable much more far-reaching connectivity for such technologies. With 5G, our cities will get smarter, our cars will get smarter, and our packages will tell us when they arrive on our doorstep, and the 5G revolution is going to look quite interesting indeed. When many more activities will be doing automatically because of 5G network that might be facing network congestion, and to prevent such issues, you will need a network testing solution. You can use RantCell pro app as your mobile network testing tool as many of our customers are already using the same irrespective of several sectors such as mining, oil and gas, government and telecom regulator, telecom operator, DAS companies, and many more. It’s very easy and convenient to use – you just need to install RantCell app on your Android phone device (one or more than one device), run the test even remotely, and generate test data reports from RantCell’s web-based dashboard.