Internet to Play Online: Find Out How to Choose the Best Option!

With the popularization of the internet and the emergence of new technologies, online games like สล็อตเว็บตร have become a trend among all network users. If that’s your case, it’s important to know that, in order to have a good experience on these platforms, it’s essential to have an adequate internet plan to play online.

The type of navigation plan is important to ensure that the practice runs smoothly, such as function loading delays, as well as missing matches due to network instability. This is because, normally, online gaming platforms demand high internet speed, good stability and quality to perform properly.

In addition, many players like to do lives on social networks and keep other platforms and systems online, making joint use of the internet network. Therefore, it is important to know how to evaluate all consumption to choose a correct and sufficient plan for the residence. With that in mind, we’ve put below what you need to evaluate when hiring an internet plan to play online, making this process easier for you. Check out!


The first item to be evaluated when choosing the internet to play online is speed. It is separated into two types: download, which refers to how fast data is downloaded to the device, and upload, which indicates how fast they are sent to the network by the user. To play, both speeds are used and both must be of good quality, sufficient so that the games do not crash and happen in real time, as the game takes place on the network. To get an idea, the Street Fighter game consumes, on average, 2 Mb of upload and 1.7 Mb of download in one minute of play, that is, a 5 Mb network would be enough to meet the demand smoothly. However, it is important to remember that an internet network is normally not dedicated solely to the practice of playing online, it is used for various other activities and by other residents. In this sense, it is necessary to evaluate how much will be consumed in total for an adequate choice.


Another factor that must be taken into account in the selection process is the Ping. It is understood as the time that data takes to leave a device connected to the network, arrive at the server and return, that is, it defines how fast game commands are received and answered. For this reason, the lower the Ping, the better the online game experience. Normally, when servers are located at distant points, such as other countries, the value tends to be higher, since the distance between points increases. To clarify, Ping is measured in milliseconds, so a value of 200 represents a delay of 0.2 seconds in the game. Although it seems little, it can make a lot of difference in virtual environments, with multiple players.


If you have internet at home, you’ve probably had times when it failed and stopped working, right? When this happens constantly, it means that your network is unstable, which is not suitable for playing online – nor for doing any other connected activity. Oscillations are part of the network data transmission, however, this cannot become something common. Ideally, interference and interruption of the internet should only occur for maintenance or in adverse cases, such as during a storm.​

Internet plan

The three previous items must be evaluated within an internet plan, offered by the different providers available on the market. Usually, the options only show download and upload speed, without clearly informing the average Ping or network stability data. Therefore, it is important to look for references and indications about the quality of the service provided by the providers chosen as good options for the service. The internet is a great environment for this, check out evaluation pages and also the companies’ social networks.

So…have you got some ideas?

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