Impress Becomes Uniform Teeth

Impress, an invisible orthodontics company, has merged with Uniform Teeth to create a new dental brand. The two companies plan to expand rapidly throughout North America by combining their technology and expertise. Impress is a California-based company with 130 locations in eight countries. They plan to open 50 clinics in North America by 2023. Uniform Teeth aims to provide the same high-quality orthodontic care that Impress provides. The company has partnered with renowned dentists to provide a more convenient dental experience.

Both companies have been using the hybrid orthodontics model to help their customers get the right smile. Impress claims their hybrid model enables them to deliver industry-leading sales conversion rates, exceptional customer experiences, and best-in-class clinical results. Impress claims to use proprietary technology to provide its customers with a customized customer experience that allows them to choose the best option for their needs. In the UK, the company has clinics in Bradford, Liverpool, and Manchester.

Impress is now available in the United States, where it has merged with the San Francisco-based Uniform Teeth. The combined companies have eight offices across three states. They will use the same technology to offer patients a personalized treatment plan based on data from their digital medical records. And because Impress and Uniform Teeth are focused on improving the patient experience, they expect to see an increase in customer satisfaction. So what’s next for Impress and Uniform Teeth lobiastore?