I Tried Sunscreen From This Website Called Blue Lizard

I’ve always been interested in ecological matters, and I’m always spending time in nature to study what’s there and learn about ways they can be protected. I’m also someone with a family of four and a desire to keep them protected from the sun. One day, a like-minded friend relayed some worrying facts about how chemical sunblock was killing the reefs and told me I should switch to mineral brands that I could buy from this website called Blue Lizard.

I dutifully obliged the next time I needed to buy a bottle of sunscreen, and it was such a wise move that I felt compelled to write about it in a blog. So, that’s what you’re reading right now. Come with me as I explain how I got on the first time using mineral sunblock. 

This Website Was Called Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

Opening up the bottle for the first time, it was obvious that the mineral sunscreen I bought from this website was a little different to what I was used to. It seemed thicker and smelled different, so I poured just a little into my palm. I tried to rub it into my skin like my chemical brands, but it didn’t go on in the same way. It’s extra thickness made it quite tricky.

After reading the instructions, I found that applying it like chemical sunscreen was a bad move, as it would just create a big white mess. Instead, I was directed to place small dime-sized spots of mineral sunscreen all over my skin, which I then rubbed in. 

It was a bit different to how I’d done it before, but it wasn’t hard to master, meaning that one of the problems that people had written about in the forums I’d read wasn’t really a problem. 

It Works Immediately! That’s Super Convenient

I love sunny days, but I hate having to wait indoors for my sunscreen to soak into my skin. I used to have to wait as much as ½ hour before I could go out with chemical sunscreen, but that is not the case with mineral brands, as they work immediately, which is a super convenient feature thave I adore.

Slap the stuff on, and you’re good to go from minute one. My kids love it now, too, as they get to go out and play quicker, and I get to know they’re protected. So, for me, it’s a win-win.

My kids don’t want sunburn, but it’s not something they really want to think about when heading out. They just want to go and have fun, like right now! With mineral sunscreen, they can do that, so I’m very happy, and I encourage you to try it too, as it’s changed days out for us. 

Try This Website For Yourself & See What Sun Safe Looks Like 

Mineral sunscreen is the bomb, and it doesn’t kill the coral reefs. That second fact is something that would have been enough for me to switch, but when you get to learn about all the other benefits, the wisdom of switching over is hard to ignore. 

Out of all the brands of mineral sunscreen, I saw online, it seemed to have my family and me in mind, so I saw that as sufficient credibility to give it a try, and I’m so glad I did. They even have this neat bottle cap that changes color when UV light is around, so you know when to put it on. 

I’ve been on the mineral sunscreen journey for around 3 years now, and I’d never go back. If you’re someone who cares about your kids and the planet, it’s the obvious choice. 

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