How to Sell Equipment That is Obsolete

As soon as equipment becomes obsolete or no longer useful, it should be sold. There are various means available to do this, including working with an auction house and selling directly.

Private sales can be time consuming and challenging, involving marketing the equipment for sale, price negotiations, showings and walkarounds.


Businesses seeking to upgrade their fleets typically need to sell some of the old equipment in order to offset the costs associated with purchasing new items and generate some funds quickly. Unfortunately, finding buyers that meet financial goals can be challenging without proper strategy in place.

Selling equipment comes in various forms, from auctions and direct sales, depending on its condition and type. A business with an online maintenance software tool may find the best approach easier as they can easily provide usage histories and condition reports to potential buyers.

Digital advertising can also help businesses sell equipment by reaching qualified heavy equipment buyer leads by targeting specific searches on Google and social media. Furthermore, this form of promotion enables businesses to track engagement and conversion rates – thus helping you identify effective methods of improving marketing strategy.


Auctions can be an excellent way of selling used equipment as they provide access to an assortment of machinery in one convenient place. Auctions also allow you to find buyers for your equipment quickly; however, it is important to remember that market demands may alter over time and you could end up receiving less money than anticipated.

Before taking your equipment to auction, it is advisable to give it a thorough clean-up and repainting to increase its attractiveness to potential buyers and boost its value. Some sellers also choose to spend some time fixing any minor damage while ensuring they have all relevant paperwork ready.

Reserve auctions provide sellers the ability to set a minimum selling price, helping protect against too much capital loss on equipment they want to sell. Reputable auction houses can handle the process from start to finish for them.

Private sales

Companies looking to sell equipment without using third-party intermediaries may benefit from private sales. Without professional valuations or inspections needed, private sales are faster and can save time than auctions while typically costing less than through dealers. But this option requires more effort on behalf of the seller in terms of contacting potential buyers and setting up inspections.

Private sales have the additional disadvantage of being more susceptible to fraud than other sale methods, which may require finance companies to request more information from both parties – time-consuming and costly for both sides – as well as reduce an applicant’s maximum borrowing capacity.

Selling heavy equipment should be completed as quickly as possible to maximize returns for businesses that have deadlines for selling, such as fleet orders or bank payment due dates for financing repayments. In these instances, each day that passes without a sale results in more costs to maintain its operation – further increasing operating expenses for your machine.

Manufacturers and distributors

Manufacturers create products in various industries. They may sell directly to customers or distribute them via wholesalers and retailers. Distributors, often called middlemen, provide several benefits for manufacturers including reduced storage costs and assistance with sales and marketing activities. They can also provide insight into market trends, consumer behaviors, and competitive activities which helps create improved products for manufacturers.

When evaluating a distributor, it’s important to find out their minimum order quantities (MOQs), price per unit and delivery schedule of new products. You should also find out about any additional fees such as setup or tooling charges; their warranty policy; whether they offer territory, market or product exclusivity as well as whether their system reports sales information by part number customer and destination; all this will help you assess their pricing competitiveness.

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