How to Save Money on Business Travel Expenses

Business travel can be expensive, but there are methods to conserve funds on travel costs. By being strategic and proactive, you can reduce your costs while still being able to conduct business effectively. 

This article will explore various ways to save money on business travel expenses, including negotiating rates, taking advantage of loyalty programs, and being flexible with your travel dates and destinations. By implementing these strategies, you can minimise your expenses and maximise your budget.

Negotiate Better Rates with Hotels and Airlines

One method to conserve cash on travel expenses is to negotiate better rates with hotels and airlines. Many hotels and airlines offer discounted rates for business travellers, but these rates may not always be advertised or available through online booking platforms. 

By contacting the hotel or airline directly and negotiating a better rate, you may be able to secure a lower price for your stay or flights. Additionally, having a corporate account with a preferred hotel chain or airline may be helpful, as these accounts often come with additional discounts and perks. 

Use Rewards Programs and Credit Card Points

Another way to save money on travel expenses is to use rewards programs and credit card points. Many credit card companies offer rewards programs that allow you to earn points for every dollar you spend on travel-related purchases, such as flights, hotels, and car rentals.

These points can then be saved for discounts, free flights, and hotel stays. Additionally, many hotels, airlines, and car rental companies have their own loyalty programs, which allow you to earn points or miles for each stay or flight that can be redeemed for future travel discounts. 

Look for Deals and Discounts

Another method to conserve money on travel expenses is to look for exchanges and discounts. Many travel websites, such as Expedia and Kayak, offer discounted flights, hotels, and car rentals. By regularly checking these websites and signing up for email alerts, you may be able to find lower prices on your travel expenses. 

Additionally, discounts are often found by booking your flights, hotels, and car rentals separately rather than as a package deal. Finally, you may be able to save money by being flexible with your travel dates, as prices often fluctuate based on demand.

Consider Alternative Accommodations

Another way to save money on travel expenses is to consider alternative accommodations. While traditional hotels may be convenient, they can also be expensive. By considering alternative options such as Airbnb, vacation rentals, or hostels, you may be able to find lower prices on your accommodations. 

These options may also offer more amenities or a more unique experience than a traditional hotel. Additionally, you may be able to save money by staying in a less touristy or off-peak destination or by opting for a shared room rather than a private one. While alternative accommodations may not be suitable for every business trip, they can be cost-effective for some travellers.

Use Budget-Friendly Travel Options

Another way to save money on travel expenses is to use budget-friendly travel options. While flying may be the most suitable alternative for some business trips, it can also be the most expensive. By considering alternative modes of transportation, such as driving or taking the train, you may be able to save money on your travel costs. 

Additionally, you can save money by opting for budget airlines or flying during off-peak times. Finally, you may be able to save money by staying closer to your destination, rather than in a more expensive city centre location. 

Don’t Forget about Taxes and Fees

It is important to remember that taxes and fees can significantly increase the cost of business travel. These costs can include airport taxes, fuel surcharges, and other fees that are not always included in the advertised price of flights, hotels, and car rentals. 

To avoid surprises and save money on travel expenses, it is essential to carefully review the total cost of your trip, including all taxes and fees. Additionally, you can save money by booking your travel through a third party, such as a travel agent, as these agents may negotiate lower prices or find discounts that are unavailable to the general public.

Use Travel Expense Management Tools

Using tools that automate travel expense management can also help you save money. These tools, such as Expensify or Concur, allow you to track and manage your travel expenses in real time, including flights, hotels, meals, and other costs. 

These tools often come with features such as receipt scanning, automatic categorisation, and real-time expense tracking, which can help you better understand your spending and identify areas where you can save money. Additionally, many travel expense management tools integrate with your company’s accounting software, making tracking and reconciling your expenses more manageable.


Saving money on corporate travel expenses requires planning, resourcefulness, and flexibility. Following the tips above, you can significantly reduce your business travel costs and keep your budget in check. By following these tips and strategies, you can save money on travel expenses and focus on growing the core of your business.