Honor Magic 3 Price In Ksa And Important Camera Features

If you love to upgrade your mobile phone continuously, then you should upgrade your phone to the honor magic 3. This is because this phone offers an amusing eye design with every new feature you need as a mobile user. The honor magic 3 price in ksa is SAR 1,811. If you want to know how amusing this honor phone is, keep reading this post.

Periscopic telephoto Camera features

One of the most impressive features of the Honor Magic 3 is its telephoto camera. This camera has a 64MP sensor and can take ultra HD images. It also has a 90mm focal length and an f/35 aperture. This camera can also have 35x optical zooming and 710x hybrid loseless zooming. Additionally, it has optical image stabilization (OIS), which helps reduce photos’ blurriness.

Wide angle camera features

The Honor Magic 3 is a high-end smartphone with a wide angle camera with 50MP resolution, ultra HD imaging, and a 23mm focal length. It also has an f/19 aperture and Allpixel focusing for great image quality. The phone is also equipped with a fast processor and plenty of rams to keep things running smoothly.

8×8 dTOF laser focusing sensor camera features

The Honor Magic 3 has 8×8 a dTOF laser focusing sensor. This is a type of sensor that is used in order to focus on an object in low light conditions. The sensor is able to take a deep 3D image of the scene in order to identify the contours of the object. This allows for a more accurate focus in low light conditions. It also has a wider field of view and a faster focus time than the previous model.

This makes it easier to take pictures in low light conditions. The phone is also more accurate when taking pictures of moving objects. The Honor Magic 3 is a great choice for anyone who wants a phone with a good camera. The phone is able to take great pictures in low light conditions and has a fast focus time.

Ultra wide cameras features

The Honor Magic 3 has an Ultra wide angle camera with 13MP autofocusing that is perfect for capturing those perfect moments. The camera has a lot of features that make it perfect for photography enthusiasts. The camera is able to take some amazing pictures with its autofocusing feature. The colors are very accurate, and the picture quality is very sharp. The camera also has a lot of other features like face detection, geo-tagging, touch focus, and panorama. It also has a 13mm focal length, equivalent to a 35mm camera. This means that it can capture wide-angle shots with a lot of detail and clarity.

Moreover, the Huawei Honor Magic 3 is a real game-changer when it comes to smartphone photography. It’s the first phone to feature an f/2. 2 aperture macro lens, making it ideal for close-up shots. And with its AI-powered camera system, it can automatically adjust settings to produce the best possible results.

Final Words

Here we have told you about the honor magic 3 price in KSA. In this post, you will also learn about this phone’s great camera features with price. The price of this phone is quite affordable in KSA.