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Highly Innovative Cooling Solution for Building Owners

The value of cooling systems in our lives is immense, yet it must not be overlooked that they also have a substantial influence on climate change. As the World Green Building Council found out, almost one-third (28%) of global carbon dioxide emissions emanate from heating and lighting installations inside buildings across the world. To put this into perspective even further, 20% of Singapore’s total carbon footprint alone arises solely from its internal structures.

With the growing demand for construction, there is a pressing need to find an energy-efficient cooling system. In 30 years alone, this requirement could triple. Fortunately, Cooling as a Service (CaaS) provides smart and sustainable solutions to meet these needs. Building managers can opt for cooling systems that utilise the CaaS model.

Unlocking the Mystery of Cooling as a Service (CaaS)

By signing up for CaaS, building owners can benefit from a servitisation model that proves more cost-effective than purchasing and managing cooling systems like district cooling agreements. Not only does this solution save money, but it is also energy efficient – meaning buildings remain comfortable without causing an excessive carbon footprint.

CaaS is revolutionizing the way to provide cooling for building owners by relieving them from the burden of having to select and rigorously maintain an energy-efficient cooling system. CaaS providers do all this for them, allowing building operators to only pay when they require cool air – a straightforward yet sustainable approach that everyone can appreciate.

The service provider’s maintenance system guarantees that your cooling system will operate as effectively and economically as possible. Additionally, they can reallocate equipment to maximise the utilisation of resources.

How does CaaS provide cooling for buildings?

With Cooling as a Service (CaaS), you can have the best of both worlds! Not only is it an eco-friendly service, but highly efficient and cost-effective. Utilizing data, analytics and AI to monitor indoor conditions in real-time, CaaS offers custom cooling experiences that fit any circumstance. Its advanced technology ensures optimal performance while reducing your energy bills significantly compared to traditional cooling systems. Now that’s something worth investing in!

By taking advantage of CaaS services, property owners now possess the ability to choose from an array of eco-friendly cooling methods. One such amazing technology is a chilled water system that solely functions on solar energy as well as state-of-the-art chiller plants running off recycled water – leading sustainable technologies for modern green buildings.

Data centers, shopping malls, factories, pharmaceutical facilities, campuses, office spaces and public buildings all benefit from these cooling systems – providing both optimal and long-term performance.

Why is CaaS the optimal choice for your building?

Opting for a centralised cooling system undoubtedly comes with considerable financial costs, as building owners must sustain it. To guarantee its dependability and performance over the years, they often need to hire staff members to monitor or continually contact multiple contractors in case of repair requirements – an overwhelming and painstaking undertaking!

It would be unfair to place the blame for a system’s issues on one individual, as various contractors are usually in charge of managing distinct areas of the cooling system. Furthermore, sustainability is likely to remain overlooked due to its associated cost when it comes to initiating it.

In a glance

If we remain mindful of our environment, there are numerous ways to conserve energy. The implementation of CaaS is a perfect example; not only does it allow us to chill buildings efficiently and effectively, but it also works in an eco-friendly way that benefits all parties involved! This groundbreaking technology provides a positive solution for our planet’s future.

In less than 20 years, South East Asia’s cooling needs alone could consume an alarming 30% of ASEAN electricity if no proactive measures are taken. The current state is already alarming: a full 10% of the world’s total electricity use goes to powering cooling systems! We need to take action now and come up with more energy-efficient ways to stay cool.

CaaS is on an ambitious mission to revolutionize the way cooling services are provided, making them accessible to a larger segment of people. This transformation would be extremely beneficial for not only business owners but also their surrounding communities and environment.


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