Factors to Take Into Account When Purchasing a Solar Water Heater in Kenya

A water heater is an appliance that uses energy to heat water above its average temperature. A solar water heater uses sunshine energy to generate hot water. This system constitutes a solar collector and a storage tank. The black surface inside the collector panels absorbs rays from the sun and transfers that energy to the water flowing in it. The water gets heated and flows into the storage tank, and cold water flows into the collector. The process goes on until high temperatures are attained.

Purchasing a high-quality system that best meets the needs of a household is every customer’s desire. This article focuses on crucial information that is relevant in assisting that customer in choosing such a system.

Following the high-cost electricity bills in households that use hot water, and the cost of charcoal and firewood, which also poses a threat to the green environment, it has there proven necessary to use solar water heaters as they are cheap and eco-friendly. The following should be considered when buying one;

Usage capacity

When shopping for such a system, it is essential to consider the amount of water used in a household on a given day. The amounts of hot water needed. This relates to the size of the storage tank and the collector’s heating capacity. With this knowledge, it will be much easier to determine whether the cost is worth it.

Climatic condition

The system does not work well on rainy days, cloudy days, and when there is fog. Therefore the climate of the site of installation has to be favorable so that the product functions as it is required.

Space of installation

A customer should also consider where the system will be installed. The roof size affects the size of collector panels to be purchased. If the roof is small, the collector should be small to fit the storage tank’s size.

Installation cost and maintenance

The installation cost is critical when determining the size and type of solar water heater to purchase. The relatively high cost of installation makes the overall cost of the system expensive also, whether or not maintenance is at a price or is at the company’s expense.

Types of solar heaters

They constitute storage tanks and panels or pumps circulating non-freezing liquid to a heat exchanger to heat water.

Safety features

One has to install safety features in the device to ensure no damage after installation. An example may be overheating of water which is dangerous water. Devices to regulate water temperature need to be installed for safety.

Water source

In some areas, water is not readily available, so you may need to find a water source. One may choose to drill a borehole, especially in dry areas, which is very costly. In wet areas, water is available as there are many sources, including dams and rivers.


In conclusion, this article brings out information about solar water heaters and what is to be considered to make informed decisions and therefore is recommended for reference. Check solar water heater installation cost Kenya.