Factors to Look Into When Buying a Pipe Threading Machine

A pipe threading machine is used to make work easier when threading pipes. It is widely used in plumbing projects by professional plumbers or contractors.

This article focuses on a pipe threading machine. It uses a long handle that holds a circular die-head ring with several teeth sets that cut the threads on pipes. Purchasing a quality pipe threading machine is every buyer’s dream. This article is helpful when you buy one.

With the industrial revolution wave, the demand for machines increased gradually to satisfy the need to make work easier, increasing the production levels of various companies. This included the need for pipe threading machines.

Below are some factors you should consider when buying one;

Thread type

Different types of pipe threading machines produce different types of threads. Various devices vary in the number of threads that they can make. Some produce a limited number, while others can produce multiple thread types. When purchasing a threading machine, consider the kinds of threads you need and go for a device capable of making those threads.

Type of machine

An important factor one should consider when buying a pipe threading machine is the type of machine. Pipe threading machines come in different types and ranges. For example, we have electric, hand-held, and hydraulic devices.

If you want to highlight, hand-held machines are lightweight and portable. This makes it suitable for small jobs in tight spaces. Electric devices are powerful and suited for bigger jobs. Hydraulic machines are the most powerful and are typically drilled for industrial jobs.

Price of a pipe threading machine

The pipe threading machine price in Kenya is a vital consideration when purchasing. The reason being despite all other attractive features, one can only choose the machine they can afford.


When buying a pipe threading machine, one should choose the one built to last. One should look for a model made from high-quality materials and designed to withstand the rigors of regular use. You should check the machine’s reviews and ratings to determine its durability.

Safety measures

Pipe threading machines, like any other machines, can be dangerous when not used properly, so choosing a device with adequate safety features is essential. For instance, the machine should have shields and guards to protect users from moving parts and flying debris. As a critical concern, one should read the instruction manual carefully regarding safety features and precautions.

Size and Capacity

Pipe threading machines come in different sizes, where larger machines can thread larger diameters and smaller machines vice versa. The capacity of a machine is also another critical factor, as it determines how many pipes you can thread at once. When choosing a device, always consider the size and capacity that can handle the pipes in question.


This article defines the various considerations one has to make before purchasing a pipe threading machine; hence it can be a great source of reference on the product.

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