Best FileVault Alternatives for 2023

Mac users are well aware of FileVault, but if you are a Windows or Linux user and wondering what is FileVault on Mac, it is an in-built tool for data protection. This disk encryption program can encrypt volumes of data and uses the on-the-fly encryption program, along with 128-bit and 256-bit AES encryption algorithms. Additionally, this tool prevents unauthorized access and secures the device.

However, FileVault is not the only encryption software in the marketplace. Below are some of the best FileVault alternatives for 2023 and beyond.


BestCrypt performs disk encryption, and Jetico Inc develops the software. It provides users the protection they need to keep their data and device safe.

The software uses three of the most popular algorithms to protect devices and data in it, which are Twofish, AES, and Serpent. These algorithms are 256-bit algorithms.

Besides offering the highest protection level, the software is also intuitive and user-friendly. It is reliable, fast, and stable. Users can rely on this software and quickly learn how to navigate it.

If you want to encrypt the drive volumes or the entire disk, opt for Volume Encryption. There’s also the Container Encryption edition, which encrypts computer files.


BitLocker is a popular encryption program that runs on Windows. Microsoft has developed the feature, a full volume encryption software that makes it easy to encrypt anything you want. For instance, you can protect any drive on your computer by encrypting it. Furthermore, it offers protection against unauthorized changes to your computer.

The program is easy to use and ensures your device remains protected against unwanted threats.

What’s more, you don’t have to install the program separately on your Windows device. The software comes pre-installed. However, only the Enterprise and Pro versions are available on Windows. Therefore, if you are using the Home edition, it may not be available on your device.

For Windows users, BitLocker is an excellent program that helps them safeguard their devices against unauthorized access.


CryptoForge is a user-friendly, reliable file encryption software for organizations and individuals. The program allows users to protect the privacy of essential records, email messages, or folders by encrypting them with up to four encryption algorithms.

Once you have encrypted the data using this software, you can safely save the data on insecure media or even transmit it to an uncertain community like the Internet. No matter what you do, your data will remain secure. You can decrypt the data later.

The software integrates the strongest encryption available in the Windows environment. It ensures to keep your information safe, despite the fact that some cybercriminals are constantly attacking the encryption system. In addition, the software allows for quick integration into computerized processes and several programs.

With the help of the Command-Line Builder visual tool, you can add an encryption program to your system within a few minutes. The file encryption module allows users to compress, encrypt, decrypt, and even shred files of any variety, along with drives and whole folders, from My PC or inside Windows Explorer. The file encryption module is capable of handling files of any style and on any medium, including removable drives, hard drives, tape drives, USB pen drives, etc.

Folder Lock

Folder Lock is a program that allows users to protect their computer and confidential files with a strong password. You can even make a drive or folder password protected.

The software offers real-time protection, and it is available for Windows OS. Besides password protection, the software also encrypts all essential files and data. The software uses the on-the-fly encryption report, which is the same one used by FileVault.


VeraCrypt is a user-friendly encryption program, and it is available for free. It is open-source software that uses an on-the-fly encryption program to safeguard your device.

The software protects files and data by creating a virtual encrypted disk within a file. This prevents all unauthorized individuals from accessing your files and data. The software also allows users to encrypt a partition or encrypt the entire storage device. This is done via pre-boot authentication so that everyone is kept away from reaching your confidential information.

Furthermore, the software comes with various encryption algorithms, and these range from the AES algorithm to some of the most potent algorithms like Twofish and Camellia. Additionally, the software is packed with features that allow users to perform disk creation and mounting.

Sophos Safeguard

Sophos Safeguard instantly encrypts content the moment it is created. The program offers encryption collaboration so you can enjoy seamless protection for your device. Distributed and developed by Synchronized Encryption, the software protects files and data by validating the user and the app.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the widely used and best FileVault alternatives for 2023. If you want to keep your devices protected and all your confidential data encrypted, these programs will come to the rescue. Ensure to read about each software’s features and pros and cons before making your decision.