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A Guide to Using a Double Shoulder Rifle Sling

When it comes to rifle slings, avid hunters will testify that a double shoulder model can be a handy accessory to carry your firearm more comfortably and securely. Distributing your rifle’s weight across both shoulders can mitigate fatigue and make it easier to carry your gun for extended periods.

Moreover, a quality double shoulder rifle sling will last a long time and enhance the user experience massively. Nevertheless, buying a good model and learning to use it correctly is vital if you want total value for your money.

So, here’s a quick guide for first-time buyers that cover these critical aspects of purchasing and using an ergonomic double sling.

Choosing the product

Before delving into how to use a sling, choosing the appropriate one is essential. You must consider several pivotal factors when selecting rifle slings for hunting, including material, width, adjustability, attachment points, comfort, and durability.

Consider purchasing a rifle sling with QD swivels for better comfort and faster transition from one shoulder to the other, besides customizing it with swivels of your preference.

Attaching the sling

The first step in using a double shoulder gun sling is correctly attaching it to your firearm. Most variants come with swivels that attach to the sling mounts on your firearm. These swivels should be tightened securely to ensure it stays in place during use. If you need help attaching your sling, consult the manufacturer’s instructions or a knowledgeable gunsmith.


Once you have attached the double rifle sling to your firearm, adjust it to your body and the type of gun you carry. To do this, adjust the sling length until the rifle sits comfortably against your back or hip, depending on your preferred carry position. The goal is to find a comfortable position that allows you to take the gun without it bouncing around or getting in the way.

Carrying the rifle

To properly carry your rifle, slip the hunting sling over your head and onto both shoulders, with the rifle hanging in front of you. The sling should be positioned such that the firearm stays in place and does not swing around too much as you walk or move about. When you need to use your rifle, you can quickly bring it up by releasing one of the swivels and sliding the sling off one shoulder.


Maintaining the double rifle sling is essential if you want it to last long. Depending on your material, you may need to clean and condition it regularly to prevent it from becoming stiff or brittle. It is prudent to buy one made of waterproof neoprene because it is weather-resistant and easy to clean.

You should also regularly inspect your shoulder strap for rifle to ensure that it is still securely attached to your firearm and that there are no signs of wear or damage. It is vital to address issues like loose stitching or frayed material immediately.

Buy from a reliable supplier

When buying a double shoulder rifle sling, it is essential to select a reliable manufacturer because it will ensure that the product is made from high-quality materials and constructed to withstand the rigors of field use. Additionally, a reputable manufacturer will stand behind their product with a warrant, assuring you that your investment is protected.

Finally, you will save more when purchasing top-grade slings from reliable suppliers who offer the products at affordable prices and reasonable shipping fees, ensuring worldwide shipping to make the process smoother.


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