A Guide To The Switch Board With MCB

Miniature circuit breakers, or MCBs, are used to immediately cut power to a circuit if a problem is detected. Overcurrent protection for electrical circuits is provided by MCBs, which are commonly housed in switchboards. Switchboards have a few names, including breaker panels and load centres.

The electrical equipment that regulates and distributes power to various rooms in a building or a home is housed in a metal cabinet known as a switchboard cover frame. The switch board with mcb is secure and easy to use and can be found in plenty at Legrand Eshop.

A Wide Selection Of Switchboards, Including Mcbs

Single-Phase Mcb Switch Board:

With only one live wire, single-phase electrical supply systems require a special switchboard. In addition, you may find many different varieties of MCB switchboards, as well as excellent deals and discounts, with a simple web search. Buying in large numbers also qualifies you for price reductions.

Three-Phase Mcb Switch Board:

When three live wires are present in a three-phase electrical supply system, a switchboard of this type is used. Furthermore, this MCB switchboard is a ubiquitous device utilised in various industrial, commercial, and home settings. These MCB switchboards are also widely available for purchase online.

Industrial Mcb Switch Board:

A switchboard of this sort is built to handle the high electrical loads typical in commercial and industrial settings. Accordingly, these boards can withstand high levels and voltages of currents simultaneously.

Mcb Switch Board With Rccb:

The Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) found in this switchboard style provides additional safety from electrical shock and fire. These switchboards can also be purchased online for a fair price.

Benefits Of Using Mcb

Circuit Breakers In The Home

The MCB, like any other type of breaker, is installed to prevent fires caused by overloaded circuits. Because it can be reset manually and can tolerate higher currents, an MCB is a considerably more reliable and secure alternative to a fuse. The breaker distributes voltage when multiple devices use the same power circuit.


MCBs are employed in house lighting systems because they can handle the electricity needed to light a house, especially with fluorescent lights. MCBs eliminate the need for supplementary power during light switching, which is especially helpful when many lights are turned on simultaneously throughout the home.

Usage In Industry

In many smaller factories, MCBs have replaced the more traditional fuses. Miniature circuit breakers find widespread application in commercial kitchens, bakeries, and grocery shops.


The MCB is useful when using heaters at home or in the workplace. Heaters, especially power distribution, can be problematic. The MCB switches off power in case of overload or fault. In this scenario, you’ll want to pick a tiny circuit breaker with adequate power handling capacity.


An MCB (Miniature Circuit Breakers) switch board for home is part of an electrical supply system that partitions incoming electricity into separate circuits, with each circuit’s fuse or circuit breaker located safely within the box. Legrand Eshop features numerous modular mcb box designed specifically for industrial use.

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