A Guide for Custom Engagement Rings

Every person expects his engagement to be a dreamy and memorable one. This can be achieved by setting up a background, proposing on real live location, and most importantly offering an engagement ring to your partner. This is a first sign of proposal which sets an atmosphere of love, admiration, and promise in the most elegant manner. The most common jewel that is used for this day is a ring and to make it even more special people chose to select custom ring.

There is no difference where you are, custom engagement rings Melbourne, Sydney or other city will bring you moment of happiness. These types of rings are personalized in design, styling, and other morphological features that eventually help the ring to standout in the box of pre-made rings. These are made on special orders which allow the customer to provide the architectural and sparkling details about the ring they need to be developed according to their prerequisites.

Customized rings for engagements are not heavy or glamorized. These are kept minimal yet elegant with a stud, ruby, sapphire, or diamond in the centre raising its value to the extreme. The polishing and furnishing of the ring to the box in which it is packed are all set with customization needs. Many people chose to imprint initials or date of engagement on their rings. This is the artistic twist which is the prime manner of ring customization. Engagement ring is immortalized forever when customized.

Custom engagement ring

The uniquely designed rings are the custom engagement rings. The personalized touch depicts the love and commitment for the relationship. This ring that one orders for his/her engagement has no duplicate pattern; it is made from scratch only for a particular person.

In the language of jewellery design and development, there are 4Cs that are often asked and must not be overlooked when a custom engagement ring is to be made. These includes

  • Colour
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Carat weight

Tips in designing a customized engagement ring

There are professional jewellery designers in market that quite openly offers customization flexibility in their jewellery creations. A custom engagement ring crafting is a piece of cake for these artists. Such rings are not only ordered in few minutes, but there is also lots of detailed discussion and negotiation in rates whenever a customized ring is to be asked. Some of the common guidance regarding the custom engagement ring involves

  • Size and shape of the ring
  • Gemstone selection
  • Colour optimization
  • Styling and finishing on the ring
  • Cut of the gem or the ring
  • Any sort of imprinting on the centre or sides of ring
  • Addition of bands, side stones, etc.

Why go for a customized engagement accessory?

Special occasions demand for special celebrations and what better than a customized jewel accessory for your loved one is the best gift. A custom engagement ring buying is not a regular purchase; it is a thing that symbolizes your love, bond, and liking for each other. This ring is not scaled in money but the emotion that you went extra miles for his fiancée. Aesthetics and beauty of the custom engagement ring is another key visual attractive feature for such rings. There is no other ring that can compete with a customized one, its beauty is impossible to be measured.

Custom engagement ring is the first choice whenever a proposal is to be done. These jewel rings are designed, styled, and furnished uniquely as the complete morphological features of the ring is fully personalized. From the ring’s design to the aesthetics, a custom-made engagement ring is unmatched.