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6 Benefits of Getting a Woolmark Certification

Wool is a complex and versatile fibre that has been used for several years. It is water-resistant, reduces body odour and acts as an insulator. It is durable and sustainable, allowing consumers to buy clothes made from this fabric. As such, many consumers look out for genuine wool products, particularly the Woolmark certification. So, you can get certified and gain access to consumers who are searching for garments made from 100% Australian merino wool. Likewise, you can look at the following benefits, which will allow you to understand the advantages:

1. It Is a World-Standard

It is a world standard, and that’s why it’s the most trusted brand in textiles. It’s a global brand with international recognition, and it has earned its reputation as a quality brand by working with some of the world’s leading designers to create products that offer consumers exceptional value for money. The Woolmark Company is also an industry leader in sustainability initiatives, developing innovative ways to reduce emissions by increasing energy efficiency, reducing water use and conserving materials.

2. It Helps Market and Promotes Wool

Woolmark is a not-for-profit organisation owned by Australian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI) that helps market and promote wool. And the best thing about getting certified with Woolmark is that you get to work with experts in the field of wool, who can have a say in your design and make sure it’s suitable for the fabric.

3. It Ensures the Customer the Quality of the Wool

The Woolmark accreditation is a symbol that guarantees the customer the quality of the product. It is a mark that indicates authenticity and ensures that the wool used in making any product has been tested by an independent body and approved as good quality. So, when you see this symbol on any product, the item will perform as advertised and deliver what it promises.

4. It Boosts Your Brand Profile

This certification is a way to differentiate your brand in the crowded marketplace. It shows that you are committed to quality, and it’s a symbol of excellence. The Woolmark brand is well known and highly respected across the globe, so it’s easy for consumers to identify products of high quality, especially if they’ve previously purchased from other certified brands or seen products with the label before.

5. It Is an Excellent Way to Build Confidence in Your Fibre

This certification is the best way to build confidence in your fibre and its journey from sheep to yarn. It allows you to identify your fibre using a unique number, which can be utilised for product labelling and marketing purposes. At Woolmark, an internationally recognised system is created, allowing consumers to easily identify how the wool has been sourced, processed and finished. You’ll also have access to the latest research reports on trends within the wool industry and recommendations on selling points for each type of wool.

6. It Helps You Join the World’s Best Supply Chain

With Woolmark Certification, you join the world’s best supply chain with a network of certified brands and farmers spanning over 70 countries and territories, supported by expert buying teams in key markets. As a member of this network, you will have access to the following:

  • A global buyer community: Woolmark Certified products are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide through leading department stores and speciality retailers, major e-commerce sites like Amazon, and many other global channels. Since buyers want quality products from sustainable sources, the Woolmark supply chain helps deliver that for you.
  • Access the Woolmark brand identity system with high standards: It means customers can be confident that what they buy has been produced using high standards concerning animal welfare and human rights abuses as well as all other requirements (including environmental impact, labour practices etc.).

In today’s competitive landscape, it’s more important than ever for manufacturers to stand out and get certified. The Woolmark certification is recognised as the gold standard in the wool industry and can help you achieve this. It’ll boost your brand profile, establish your quality reputation with consumers and give you access to buyers worldwide. As such, you can ensure immense business growth.


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