4 Bedroom Design Mistakes That Keep Us Up At Night

We all want a good night’s sleep. But sometimes, our bedroom design can unintentionally keep us up at night.

Here are four common mistakes that can cause restless nights – and how to avoid them. Sweet dreams!

Not Having A Focal Point In The Bedroom

Whether it’s the bed, a piece of art, or a window, your eye should know where to rest

The bedroom should be the sanctuary of your home, and yet many people find it hard to make their space feel cohesive. Part of the reason for this could be down to a lack of a focal point. Every room should have either an object or area that draws the eye, such as a window with a view, a large headboard for the bed, or even a bold statement piece like a painting. This is beneficial on both a visual and mental level – creating an anchor in the room produces harmony and balance.

Having something to appreciate in the bedroom helps our eyes focus on something pleasant and not get too overwhelmed or thrown off by all the other elements in the room. Investing time in finding just one small but significant feature that makes your bedroom stand out is often all it takes to create an inviting atmosphere.

Not Enough Lighting

Good lighting can make a world of difference in how your bedroom looks and feels.

Having the right lighting can make all the difference when it comes to making a bedroom more enjoyable. With the perfect set of lights, you are able to create an inviting atmosphere by illuminating every corner in the room, no matter how small or dimly-lit it may be.

Quality lighting also brings out your furniture and other décor elements which can help add depth and dimension to your bedroom. Furthermore, good lighting can even evoke different sensations such as warmth or coziness. Ultimately, having adequate light – whether natural or artificial – is essential for creating that special space you need to relax, recharge, and unwind at the end of a long day.

Too Much Furniture

Less is definitely more when it comes to bedrooms, as you want it to be a relaxing space

Having too much furniture in your bedroom can be a space hazard – and not just because of the clutter! As popular mattress maker Hypnos explains, using large pieces of furniture can take up the majority of the bedroom space, restricting air flow and impeding circulation. This can lead to feeling tired and uncomfortable during the night: definitely not what you want from your bedroom!

Instead, it’s better to embrace a minimalist look, as less is more when it comes to bedrooms. Design-wise, this allows for an overall more harmonious feeling and creates a relaxing environment you’d look forward to entering every night. A popular Hypnos mattress should also be high on your list, as this combined with minimalism will ensure an optimal sleep experience.

Poorly Placed Furniture

For example, putting the bed against a window might not be the best idea

As much as windows provide wonderful natural light and a view of the outside, it’s not always a good idea to place furniture directly against them. Poorly placed furniture can lead to further inconvenience such as having difficulty making beds due to the cramping of space or blocking off an important passageway around the room.

Not to mention, try as you might, there isn’t enough sunlight or moonlight entering your room if it is blocked by bulky pieces of furniture. To maximize comfort in your home, plan out where all your furniture will be placed before putting them in any random places throughout the house.