Missing Footy?: Here’s How To Beat The Off Season Blues

Every footy lover has a moment of sadness when the AFL and AFLW seasons come to their dramatic ends. Once the post-granny excitement wears off a sober dawn awaits every footy fan. What now? One might ask oneself. What to do for the next few months? Well, there are plenty of things you can do to soothe your longing for the great Aussie game!

Here are a few ways to enjoy your summer even without your team taking to the field each week:

  • Have a kick at the park

Just because footy is a winter sport doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed in summer. In fact, we’re here to say that a kick in the park is even better on a balmy summer afternoon! Pick up some gear from the Adelaide Crows shop or any other team shop and have a kick with your mates. It’s great exercise and a fantastic way to enjoy a sunny Saturday afternoon before watching the cricket over a few frothies!

  • Speaking of cricket

We Aussies are blessed to have an awesome year-round sporting calendar. We’ve got the footy in winter and the cricket in summer. It’s fantastic, and for many footy lovers it’s the best way to beat the off season blues. Throughout the country you will hear sports lovers lamenting the end of the footy season before optimistically remarking, “yeah, but cricket season’s just beginning!”

Aussie summers and cricket are the perfect combination. Whether watching the Boxing Day Test with your best mates or playing beach cricket with the family, there is nothing that says Aussie summer like our other great game.

  • Get around the world game

Most sports lovers enjoy the world game. After all, it is a fantastic sport. What’s good about it for us AFL-lovers is that it’s played in our off season. Yes, the European football calendar is perfect for forgetting those feelings of “what sport to watch now?” Who cares that most of the games are played at two in the morning? It’s a pretty fun way to spend a Saturday night!

  • Prep for SuperCoach

Everyone knows it: SuperCoach is a really awesome part of footy. Making a team and taking them to the top (or hopefully somewhere in the top 50,000) is one of the best things about the season. There are many people who take their SuperCoach seriously and we’re here for it. Sure, the season might be over, but this doesn’t mean you can’t start prepping for the year to come.

This is one of the best ways to maintain the footy excitement. You get to follow all the off season’s important transfer news before creating your winning side. So, you don’t have to be sad that the season is over. Instead, you can look forward to the one that is coming through pre-selecting players to make up your list!

  • Get season fit

If you are part of a sport club then you know how important it is to maintain your fitness in the off season. It is imperative that when you get back to training that you are ready for the season ahead. After all, the season really starts in the off season, as you need to remain physically and mentally sharp to be considered for selection when the new year rolls around. So, don’t forget to focus on match fitness in the off season – you’ll certainly get ahead for the year to come!