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Bespoke Metal Work

Using a process called bespoke metal work, fabricators manufacture pieces from raw materials such as flat or sectional metal, welding wire and fittings. They commonly use welding, cutting, spinning and forming techniques but some also utilize hydraulic and electrical processes.

This process allows them to produce fire escapes, stairwells, staircases and ladders as well as a variety of other architectural masterpieces.


A metal staircase is a great way to add style and flair to any home or commercial property. They can come in a variety of shapes and designs and can be combined with glass and other materials to create a real feature focal point for the space.

They’re more durable and resilient than wood, meaning they’re more resistant to the elements and pests, making them ideal for outdoor use. They’re also less expensive to install because they’re easier to create than other types of stairs, making them a good choice for homeowners looking to save money while adding a little more pizazz to their space.

Bespoke metal work London can be designed to your specific requirements, ensuring that each piece is unique and exceptional in every way. Fabricators will take your design brief and make it a reality using a combination of welding, fitting, and casting practices. This process will allow them to manufacture fire escapes, balustrades, ladders, and other metal structures that are perfect for your home or business.


Whether you are looking to upgrade your property or simply enhance the ambiance of a special occasion, bespoke metal works london has you covered. From glass and chrome to stainless steel and brass, you can find the perfect material for the job. The company has a team of experts that can handle everything from design and planning to installation and maintenance. The most interesting part is that you can get all this and more at a price that will keep your wallet happy. You can even order a personalised quote for a one-to-one consultation from the best in the business.


Bespoke metal work london specializes in the construction of metal fire escapes, balustrades, and staircases. It employs a variety of fabrication techniques including welding, cutting, spinning, and casting. The best part is that a single vendor can handle all these tasks resulting in a streamlined workflow and greater efficiency.

The company is also known for its bespoke library ladders. They incorporated the most elegant and well made brass casing with a snazzy looking retractable mechanism. The most impressive feat was that the ladder was also light enough to fit under a bookcase. Besides the aforementioned slick design, this ladder was built to last.

The company also has an excellent track record in the production of custom fabricated platforms for a number of industry leading clients. The top notch team utilises the latest in fabrication and finishing technology to produce a high quality, cost effective product that will stand up to the test of time.

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors are a great way to expand a space without the need for expensive premises relocations. This allows you to maximise the space in your building and make use of it in a more efficient manner whilst saving money in the long run.

Whether you are a retail store, factory, warehouse or office a mezzanine floor can help you achieve the most out of your property. If your premises are becoming increasingly crowded and you are finding it hard to fit more staff into the existing space or increase production, then a mezzanine floor could be the answer to your problems.

A mezzanine floor is a freestanding structure that can be adapted to fit in with the design and layout of your building. This is not only a cost effective solution, but also provides a flexible space to accommodate changing requirements within your business.

A mezzanine can be made of a variety of materials depending on your specific needs. A resin composite material, for example, is a good option since it is durable and can stand up to heavy traffic.


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